Golf Tournament
Daystar's 1st Annual Golf Tournament
Join us on October 9, 2021, at Armitage Golf Club in Mechanicsburg for our 1st Annual Golf Tournament. This scramble-style tourney includes plenty of prizes, a buffet meal, and the knowledge that your support will help people through their substance abuse recovery.


Those recovering from substance use disorders might not be accustomed to being treated with dignity and respect, but at Daystar, that is exactly what they get.

Formed in 1996 and located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we are a licensed, holistic residential treatment center where individuals can find strength and support to put into practice recovery-oriented living skills that build a healthy, substance-free, independent lifestyle.

Our vision is to see those in recovery ultimately give back to society and have a positive contribution to their families, work, and communities. We help make that vision a reality through evidence-based counseling, case management, compassionate support, education, and practice of daily life skills. Our residents also benefit from our family program, where they come together with their loved ones for counseling and healing. And we know the recovery process does not end at our doorstep, so we work with our residents to connect with community-based resources such as housing assistance and mental health services to provide a solid footing for their time after residential treatment.

Daystar’s Services

Daystar’s long-term, licensed residential treatment center exists to help those dealing with substance use disorders find their way to recovery. We do this through:

Counseling sessions, medication-assisted treatment, and spiritual guidance help our residents find their path to recovery.

We help our residents develop life skills to get a job, manage finances, and create healthy daily routines.

We perform follow-ups with all residents after treatment to ensure their long-term recovery success.

Get Involved

Your donation will support Daystar as we provide the resources and services needed for someone to get on the right path to recovery. Thank you for your help!