Testimonials from Daystar attendees

The Lives We Impact

The true reflection of our work is shown through the feedback from our clients and the lives we strive to help make a difference in. Daystar Center has helped hundreds of men through a comprehensive and effective program that enables them to establish and maintain sober and healthy lifestyles, rejoin the workforce, their families, and society.

Daystar Recovery

“For 45 years, I was drugging, drinking, and doing everything under the sun. I give thanks to Daystar Center staff for helping me and believing in me.”
– Dave

“Daystar Center afforded me the structure, guidance, and belief in myself to finally live a sober, spiritual life. With the help of the counselors and staff, it was at Daystar Center that I began to learn who I truly am. ”

– Ken

2017 Treatment Graduate
2018 Recovery House Graduate

– Oden