Putting a Spiritual Focus on Substance Use Disorder Treatment

M28 Ministry

The Partnership Between Daystar Center for Recovery and M28 Ministry

Daystar Center for Recovery opened its doors in 1996 to make sure those in recovery from substance use disorders can give back to society and have a positive contribution to their family, work, and community. We are a licensed, holistic residential treatment center in Harrisburg, PA where individuals can find strength and support to put into practice recovery-oriented living skills that build a healthy, substance-free, independent lifestyle.

In 2011, founder and Director Emeritus of M28 Ministry, Pastor Jim Schambach, reached out to us looking for a place where he could help people connect to God and explore their spirituality. M28 is a faith-based, community-conscious movement comprised of people who help others who want to help themselves to move from poverty to stability to community. It was a fortunate connection, as staff at Daystar believe that the spiritual component to recovery is often overlooked in treatment, so we value the role that M28 plays there.

M28 Ministry engages men undergoing recovery at Daystar Center who are looking for spiritual guidance. It is a great resource for the residents who are struggling to return to the beliefs they were raised in or attempting a spiritual journey for the first time. M28 provides a safe, compassionate, and understanding environment for our patients to explore this important aspect of long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

Daystar is pleased to partner with M28, as we have witnessed impressive outcomes because of seeing the recovery process in the same light. Once shame and stigma are addressed by our two organizations, recovery and healing can begin. M28 has been proven to be such a valuable partnership, and we look forward to many more years of working together.

To learn more about M28 Ministry, please visit https://m28.us.