Careers at Daystar

Careers at Daystar

Daystar Recovery provides a rewarding career path for individuals looking to help others.



Responsible for the residents and house during daytime, evening, night, weekend and holiday hours. Responsible for security of the house and the safety of residents. Responsible for facility and the condition of the grounds, chores, and medication documentation.


  • Security checks of the entire facility every 2 hours, including client rooms, outside windows, and doors.
  • Facilitate dinner announcements with the ability to convey information from the clinical team to residents.
  • Inspects house for cleanliness, contraband, and safety issues.
  • Instructs and/or assists residents in performing cleaning or maintenance jobs around the house.
  • Maintaining Client confidentiality.
  • Collect, label and store urine samples for drug testing; breathalyzer alcohol testing
  • Oversee and manage medicine dispensing, ordering prescriptions and refills from pharmacy.
  • Provide residents access to medications as needed.
  • Packs and store resident clothing when leaving program AMA, etc.
  • Implement and record regular fire/smoke alarm drills as required by State regulations.
  • Document client behaviors in the LOGBOOK.
  • Assign client chores and assure that chores have been completed in such a manner to satisfy a state inspector.
  • Transport clients to 12-step fellowship meetings.
  • Other related duties as assigned by Executive Director, Program Director, Clinical Staff,
  • House Manager.


  1. Minimum of GED or High School Diploma
  2. Trustworthy and responsible, Positive attitude
  3. Supportive of Daystar goals and policies
  4. Team player
  5. The ability to support individual client recovery process.
  6. Able to handle emergency situations.
  7. Be responsive to staff instruction.
  8. CPR, First Aid Certified or ability to become certified.
  9. Valid Driver’s license
  10. The ability to obtain required trainings.
    1. Responsible to report physical house problems to maintenance.
    2. Recovery Specialist reports to House Manager, Program Director and Executive Director for all other aspects of job and takes direction from Clinical Team.