What We’re Doing

Individual and Family Interventions

Daystar is now offering interventions. Fern B. Wilcox, Executive Director of Daystar is a trained and Pennsylvania certified Interventionist. She uses the A.R.I.S.E. method of intervention as a way to help reconstruct the family torn apart by addiction. This is not the approach seen on TV. It is our belief at Daystar, respect, integrity, love, and compassion is what promotes individual and family recovery and healing.

The ARISE Intervention is an invitational, non-secretive, gradually-escalating process. Through Family Motivation to Change®, it empowers families by reinstating and reaffirming their intrinsic strength, resilience and hope which is so often lost in the face of addiction. The Continuum of Care will continue for a full six months after entering treatment, in order to help the family and the loved one transition in and out of the treatment process.

Executive interventions

The effects of addiction in the workplace cost American businesses over $100 billion in lost productivity annually due to premature death and illness. When the Addicted Individual is the CEO, a physician, attorney or other high-level executive, the degree of risk to your business goes far beyond the financial cost, possible litigation, and a stained reputation within your industry. Our Executive Intervention process helps your business identify those early risks and initiate Intervention before major loss in the workplace occurs. The Evidence-based, Best-practice Intervention is designed to meet the challenges of addiction in the workplace, is flexible, modular, and can be tailored to fit the culture of your particular business and timetable. If your addicted executive has already completed treatment and you are still worried about his or her effectiveness and sobriety, we can be initiated at any time.

An Executive Intervention calls for a qualified interventionist - one who is able not only to influence the addicted individual to get help with their addiction through treatment, but one who will also work with you and their colleagues to support their recovery as they return to the workplace. The Continuum of Care will continue for a full six months after entering treatment.

If you, a loved one, friend, or employee or struggling with addiction let us help guide you to the path of recovery. Please call 717-230-9898 or 717-271-3715.Individual and Family Interventions